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The midwives at Beyond Conception believe in the normal physiological process of pregnancy, labor and birth.  We believe that childbirth is a transformative event.  Through informed, supported choices women are encouraged to follow their own instincts and be active participants in the decision making and self care of their pregnancy, labor and birth experience. 


We believe in the deeply empowering aspects of maternal respect and support.  Beyond Conception Midwives believe this empowerment benefits not only the mother and her children, but the entire family unit, the community, and the culture at large. 


Each woman and each birth is a unique experience and we believe peaceful, loving and responsible relationships start as a women's journey into motherhood (whether her first or fifth time) begins.



"Experienced and Empowering women's healthcare since 1981."  Beyond Conception Midwifery is owned and operated by Mary Henderson, LM CPM.


Midwifery has stood the test of time and women across the globe are still receiving care from traditionally trained midwives.  Midwifery is an art and a science that has been passed down woman-to-woman for generations.


We believe a modern model of midwifery education should be built on a foundation of the traditional and ancient arts of midwifery and should also include up to date, relevant clinical training.  We believe that in order to provide well-rounded quality care to women and their families, midwifery training should include both naturopathic and allopathic approaches to midwifery practice.


The midwives at Beyond Conception Midwifery have completed traditional midwifery education programs that combined formal midwifery school education with clinical apprenticeship.  Our midwives also happen to have undergraduate degrees in studies other than midwifery!

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