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It has been said that the first and most important intervention that happens to a laboring woman is stepping out of her door and going to another place to birth. 


Birthing at home provides a level of comfort and influence over your own birth that simply can't be achieved in quite the same way in a hospital or even a birth center.  The effect that laboring and birthing in one's own environment has on one's pain response cannot be understated. 


It makes all the difference in the world, and when you reach the end of your birth journey, you simply snuggle in bed with your baby - no need to travel home, because you are already there!




For low risk women, studies show that a midwife-assisted birth is as safe or safer than one attended by a physician.


A number of studies have confirmed equal or better outcomes for midwife attended births.


Check out the following resources below:


New Study Confirms Safety of Home Birth with a Midwife

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2012 Planned Hospital vs Planned Home Birth Review

2009 Canadian Medical Association Journal

2007 Birth Can Safely Take Place at Home

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