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I am exceptionally pleased with the quality of care and support provided by the midwives at Beyond conception midwifery.  It is obvious that each midwife has a tremendous amount of experience in the field of prenatal and women's care.  These ladies are highly skilled, knowledgeable and patient.  It took a very long time to conceive our son and once we did I was avid about having a home birth.  The midwives at BCM ensured I was choosing a home birth for the right reasons and that I would put my child first, even if that meant we needed to transfer (which we didn't). 


They are patient focused, passionate about mothers and babies and highly skilled in their profession. 


My labor was 19.5 hours long and these women were there the majority of the time, coaching me, caring for me, pushing me (when needed) and comforting me.  They taught me how to relax, to surrender to the contractions and how to peacefully deliver my son.  They provided us with quiet skin to skin time and helped us with breastfeeding in those first few precious moments.  They even cleaned up the birthing pool and my house!  They were like magic little fairies who swiftly delivered my son, set out home back to normal and then left us in peace to revel in the miracle of our new precious baby. 


The care didn't stop there, after the delivery they came to check on us, called to see how we were and even still 6 months later they welcome visits from us.  These women hold a special place in my heart. 


If you want a home birth the midwives at Beyond Conception Midwifery are the best clinicians to turn to!  Their experience spans 30 years with more than 2,000 babies delivered!  I've told them I need to get pregnant again just so I have the opportunity to see more of them!
Wishing you a peaceful happy birth,
Saundra R

I am a board certified cardiologist. Given my medical training, the idea of doing a birth at home using a midwife was a foreign concept. A woman actually delivering outside of a hospital was considered very dangerous.


Luckily, my wife had other plans. I opened my mind to a home birth and it just made sense. Soon after, I was a consultant on several women that had delivered in the hospital. One of those women wound up dying. When the pregnant woman goes into labor and she picks up to go to the hospital, the whole process is disrupted. Bad things happen to say the least.


A midwife like Mary, Jenny, and Amy are who you want to deliver your child. These 3 are like angels at the bedside. Their experience and caring attitude make the whole process from conception to post natal care amazing. We tell all of our friends to use Beyond Conception.


A friend of mine is an OB, his only concern with a homebirth is that it's messy. With Beyond Conception, there wasn't a mess at all.


In health,

Jack Wolfson D.O.


Our experience with Beyond Conception exceeded our expectations.  This was our first pregnancy and we were naturally filed with excitement and questions.  We were always treated with kindness and respect from everyone; Mary, Jenny and Amy.


They recommended that we take a birth class with Kelly, who was phenomenal as well.  Because Kelly had a homebirth, herself, she knew how to respond to our questions and concerns.  Everyone alleviated the stress of preparing for pregnancy and made it an even more exciting endeavor.


During our appointments, Mary and Jenny always took their time to answer any questions – no matter how common they might have been – and answered them with patience, reassurance and respect.  One of the important elements for us was to be in control of our birth experience, and Beyond Conception gave us the education and tools we needed in order to make thoughtful decisions for our little one.  I actually was 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced a few weeks prior to my due date, and Mary and/or Jenny made time every few days to see me.  I went into labor two weeks after my due date, but until that time, I felt as though I was their priority.


When I was in active labor, Jenny came to the house to check on me and continued to facilitate a calm environment.  Mary arrived shortly after and, before I knew it, I was ready to push.  After a few pushes, Mary calmly prepared my husband and me that we might have to go to the hospital to continue a safe delivery.  Our baby’s heart rate would drop and was slow to recover.  They reassured us that our baby was fine and that there may just be pressure against the umbilical cord.  Mary and Jenny accompanied us to the hospital and they didn’t leave my side, not even for a minute.  During the rest of the delivery, Mary and Jenny made us feel as close to home as possible.  They were keeping me calm and advocating for us so I could focus 100% on my baby.  They both reminded me of the strategies that we learned in our class and said empowering phrases to help me through the delivery.  After our baby girl was born, they continued to support us and reassured us that they were available if we had questions.


Even though we didn’t have a home delivery, we had an amazing home labor experience and the care and experience of our midwives made us feel as close to home as possible.


My partner and I had an amazing experience with Beyond Conception Midwifery.  Mary, Jenny, and Amy are extremely knowledgeable, kind, loving, and supportive women. They gave me the confidence I needed as a first time mother, and they were always available for any questions or concerns I had.

Our first child was born in July of 2011. I had a difficult labor and our daughter had complications due to a tangled umbilical cord.  Mary and Jenny knew exactly how to handle the situation.  They went above and beyond what might be expected from anyone else. I am thankful for them every day.

Our second child was born in March of 2013.  When we  found out we were expecting, there was no question about who wee  wanted to assist in the delivery.  I was almost as excited to share the pregnancy news with Mary, Jenny, and Amy as I was to tell our families!  I will feel connected forever to these women for helping us bring our amazing children into this world.  They have my highest recommendation.


Jada Shiya-Cook

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