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Midwifery: an Art & Science

Midwifery is said to be both an art and a science!  The art of midwifery is made up of traditional knowledge passed down generation to generation and is gleaned from watching, waiting, learning and observing at the side of women and their families.  The science of midwifery is grounded both in ancient wisdom and modern medical research, and overlaps with the fields of health, medicine, naturopathy, and nursing.  The science of midwifery seeks to advance midwifery care using current techniques for health promotion, treatment and therapy. 


Holistically, where the art and science of midwifery intersect, is a strong devotion and belief in the innate normalcy of pregnancy and birth balanced with the knowledge to act or intervene when appropriate, to promote safety for mothers and babies. 


We believe that women are capable, whole and complete and through the natural process of pregnancy, labor, birth, and newborn care have significant opportunity for growth, empowerment, and joy.


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