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Here at Beyond Conception we strive to meet the varied needs of women and their growing families! 


We offer free initial consultation visits for women and families considering home birth!  Please contact us to make an appointment!

Midwifery Care


Beyond Conception Midwifery truly believes in the midwives model of care, a woman-centered approach to women’s health, reproduction and maternity care.

Home Birth


Homebirth provides a nurturing option for women desiring a low-intervention birth experience.  Homebirth, with a trained midwife, has been shown to be a safe alternative for healthy, low-risk women.


We believe in the natural physiological process of pregnancy, labor and birth.  We believe that a healthy woman, having a healthy pregnancy will go on to have a healthy labor, birth and postpartum. We believe the homebirth setting is a excellent option for healthy women.

Water Birth


Water birth is one of the many options available to you, when you choose Beyond Conception.  Many women choose to labor in water, for the relief and comfort it provides.  Many of our clients choose to stay in the tub to birth their baby, too!


There many birth & labor pools options available!

Childbirth Education


Our homebirth classes are taught byexperienced and compassionate homebirth mamas.  These comprehensive classes offer a balanced approach to childbirth education!

Well Woman Care


We value continuing to provide you with excellent well woman care throughout your lifespan.  Many women appreciate the gentle and nurturing approach taken during pregnancy and choose to continue midwifery care to meet their well woman healthcare needs.

Costs & Insurance


We make every effort to make our fees as affordable as possible, to every family seeking home birth care with a midwife!  Our fees are typically 70% less than that of a hospital birth and 30% less than a birth center birth.


We can bill your insurance, but we are an out-of-network provider so your ou-of-network deductibles will apply.


We would love to talk with you in person, please reach out to us if you have any questions!

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